Dr Oz – Oat Straw Energy Booster

Dr. Oz said to take Oat Straw Extract first thing in the morning:

Natural energy booster with no sugar or caffeine,  Oat Straw works by boosting brain function as it dilates blood vessels in the brain bringing more oxygen in your brain to your brain can function at full speed.

Secondly, it changes the way the chemicals in our brain works,  blocks the deterioration of  neurotransmitters in your brain –THIS IS PROFOUND –  your brain will function better and you will have more energy.

The phrase ‘sowing your wild oats’ refers to ability of Oats to give you an energy boost and your libido a boost.

Take 2 teaspoons 2 times a day in juice or coffee.

4 oz

1 oz

Dr. Oz’s personal favorite is Rhodiola – he carries around with and takes it when he needs an energy pick up.  Rhodiola serves as an adaptgen that multiplies your energy in your body and helps eliminate energy blocks.

Start with 100 mg and can increase to 200 mg.


Dr Oz also suggested Orange Lens Glasses to to help you sleep better and awake with more energy in the morning.  He suggests wearing the orange lens glasses  for an hour before you go to bed.